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Windows Phone 7 Application "Sensors Set Ver.0.8 (English)"

Windows Phone supports accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, and the combined motion API.
"Sensors Set Ver.0.8" is for the developers to use these sensors in your Windows Phone application.
This tool was developped as a sample application for the seminar of "Community Open Day 2012" in Japan.
If you need the codes of this tool, you can download the Visual Studio 2010 project files.
The language is Visual Basic and the comments in the codes are written in Japanese.
The cover of Beginning of Silverlight 4 Programming
"Sensors Set Ver.0.8" Visual Studio 2010 Project Files
Windows Phone 7 Application
Developer:Sei Yakushiji
The application is developed via those tools.
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32bit
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate SP1 (English), Windows Phone SDK 7.1 (English)
test : au IS12T (Japanese phone device)
Language:Visual Basic
Price:Free (no support about the codes)
If you need the application "Sensors Set Ver.0.8 (English)", Windows Phone Marketplace, SeiSeinDesign's App.