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Full Source Codes of Sensors Set - Sensor Programming for Windows Phone -

To develop the applications, it is important for us to use the sensors.
Windows Phone supports accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, and combined motion API.
This book is written about those sensors, and that contains the codes of "Sensors Set (En)" and "今日も歩こう!".
The cover of Beginning of Silverlight 4 Programming
Full Source Codes of Sensors Set
Sensor Programming for Windows Phone
A4×100 Pages, 2 applications (Sensors Set Ver.0.8, 今日も歩こう!Ver.0.8).
Author:Sei Yakushiji
Date:29 June 2013
The samples in this book are the Silverlight applications developed via those tools.
Graphic : Microsoft Expression Design 4 (English).
Layout: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate SP1(English), Microsoft Expression Blend 4 (English).
Programming: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate SP1, Windows Phone SDK 7.1 (English)
Language:Visual Basic
Price:Free (no support)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1 The Phone's sensors
1.2 Features of "Sensors Set"
2. MainPage
2.1 Layout of "Menu" page
2.2 Programming of "Menu" page
3. Accelerometer
3.1 Layout of "Accelerometer" page
3.2 Programming of "Accelerometer" page
4. Gyroscope
4.1 Layout of "Gyroscope" page
4.2 Programming of "Gyroscope" page
5. Compass
5.1 Layout of "Compass" page
5.2 Programming of "Compass" page
6. Combined Motion API
6.1 Layout of "Combined Motion" page
6.2 Programming of "Combined Motion" page
7. Features of "今日も歩こう!"
7.1 How to use the application
8. MainPage
8.1 Layout of “Menu" page
8.2 Programming of "Menu" page
9. Recording data
9.1 Layout of "RecordData" page
9.2 Programming of "RecordData" page
10. The list of data
10.1 Layout of "ShowDataList" page
10.2 Programming of "ShowDataList" page
11. More information for the developers
11.1 Visual Studio project files
11.2 Sensor applications
11.3 Online books and article
Author and Publisher
The cover of Full Source Codes of Sensors Set
If you need the codes of the samples and the application, see page 96 in this book.